Master Bathroom Mirror

The mirror was created using 1 x 2.5-inch (exact dimension) cherry and a Mitered Door Frame Bit #8781 from  Each of the mitered corners was reinforced with biscuits and 4-inch corner brackets; recessed 1/8-inch below the surface.  The back edges were rounded over 1/4-inch.  The mirror is 1/4 inch thick and fit into 1/4-inch wide x 3/8-inch deep slots in the frame. The frame was glued around the mirror permanently.  If for some reason the mirror cracked or broke, I would have to route the back edge off and use mirror safe silicon to glue in a new mirror.

To hang the mirror I used two Hangman Professional French Cleat Hangers to support this 100+ pound Mirror. I also recessed the two hangers for a tight fit against the wall.

Yes, my kitchen is an extension of my man cave :)).