4×5 Shelf

Made from 3/4-inch popular, trim from Lowe’s, and bead board back from Home Depot. A shaker raised Panel Cabinetmaker Router Bit Set (#8837) from www.mlcswoodworking.com was used to make the side panels. A 1/2-inch cove bit was used to add detail to the corners.

I sprayed the cabinet.  It took a lot of paint and primer to seal this dry wood.

Bottom detail…

Note the front of the top of the shelf overlapped by 1-inch; that way I could put a piece of trim under the edge to give the cabinet more style. you can just make out the holes used for pinning the shelves.  I used a template from Rockler Woodworking and a guided bit (included with template) and hand drilled all those holes.  Be careful, not all templates are perfect; be sure to measure before drilling.

The shelves are symmetrical so that they can be flipped if they start to bow under load.

I branded this piece with a laser etched logo….

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