Techo VFD, Mach Tach, and Motor Upgrade

The motor that came with the G0602 lathe was strong but suffered from slowdowns.  So I checked out the yahoo group 10x22grizzlyandthelike and found information on the Mach Tach, Techo VFD and Leeson Motor; then put my own spin on these upgrades.


This motor is wired for 230 VAC.

I tested the motor using standard THHN and liquid tight conduit.  I changed over to standard VFD cable to reduce noise emissions.

Motor Wiring

As wired in the final VFD cable configuration.

The proper wiring is highlighted below…

New Electrical Box

Bottom holes…

Right side (from rear) fan holes…

So the new box would seat square (notice the dimples on the box) and provide a way to bolt on a ground lug I created a delrin spacer.

As mounted on G0602 Lathe

Techo VFD mount…

DIN Mount installed. Noticed the channel milled into the bottom hole on the left to allow room for the control cables to be fed through the holes in the casting.

VFD Installed

The relay was wired up and then snapped onto the DIN rail.  You can just barely see the DIN rail in the upper right hand corner of the picture.



Modified the front panel of the G0602…. From the left: The round hole, rectangular hole and middle round whole are for the Mach Tach and controls.  The right hole is for the VFD speed control.

I used an optical sensor for the Mach Tach.  Electrical tape and silver tape was used to create the timing markers. I used shielded cable and scrap piece of aluminum corner bracket.

Two holes were tapped into the aluminum corner bracket and two holes were drilled through the lathe casting as shown in the picture below.  Two 10mm M4 bolts with lock and flat washers passed through the holes from the outside of the casting and screwed into the threaded holes on the aluminum corner bracket.

I made a spacer out of delrin for the Mach Tach lense and circuit board. This allowed me to add rubber grommets as seals around the Mach Tach LED and control.

A Brother Label maker and silver tape was used to label the controls.