G0602 Arrival and Breakdown

Towed up icy driveway with snowblower and pallet jack

Notice crate frame around crate.  Grizzly took no chances.

After removing extra crate, bend up all tabs to remove the top.

I used a hammer, 2 screwdrivers, prybar and duckbill pliers for tabs

Remove the top

Better picture

Remove one nail from each strap.

Remove sides & strap from chuck

Remove Clamps from chuck

Turn clamp sideways

Cover ways with cardboard

Remove the chuck with spanner wrench and bar

Note Spanner held by in place by resting it on one of the rear chip guard hex bolts

Remove tailstock stop bolt between the ways and then remove the tailstock.  Remove endblock from leadscrew by removing two socket cap bolts and the lock nut on the end of the leadscrew.  Do not lose washer on the thread side of the endblock.

Remove two hex bolts on rear chip guard

Remove the third and final hex bolt from rear chip guard and remove chip guard.  Disengage the cross slide from the lead screw and carfully slide the cross slide off the end; it is heavy.  Sometimes it gets hung up on the floating lead screw

All done…for now :))