8 thoughts on “Welcome To Tim’s Blog: Let’s Share Knowledge”

  1. Hi Tim –
    Great site. I was looking at your porch project and was wondering did you do the work yourself? If so, how long did it take once you got started on the construction?

    1. It took me a little over a year (two summers) to complete everything pretty much by myself. I had some help putting some the sheets of wood on the roof…After doing two full sheets up there; the third one caught some wind an almost took my head off…so I asked my brother for help….:))

  2. Hi, timgs, you have some great content here that is very helpful. I’m about 90% done building a 80W laser cutter/engraver myself, roughly on the buildlog II design. Using an AWC708L for my controller. So, all of your info on that line of controllers is helpful. Thanks, much. Are you open to a question or two from time to time? Best regards, Keith

    1. Sorry about the delay; I have to figure out how to tie WordPress Blog to my email so I know when something has been posted. Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.

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