Solder Reflow Oven

I started to create a number of circuit boards with surface mounted components.  Though I had a CSI 825A SMD rework station, soldering micro-miniature components was starting to take up too much time.  So, I researched solder reflow ovens and found one by that looked like it would work and cost me about $200-$250 with my modifications.  The following is a photo montage of the end of the build.

WARNING:  If you try this at home wear leather gloves when disassembling or handling the disassembled oven or there WILL BE BLOOD!!!and yes there was!!!!!

I started with a BLACK+DECKER TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel/Black ($29.92 Delivered).

I reused the existing holes and tapped them for an m4 screw.  I laser cut the discs from silver acrylic.

Aluminum tray made from RMP .063 5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet 12″ x 12″  $10.26 on

1+ rolls of Reflect-A-Gold tape $34.42:  DEI 010396 Reflect-A-GOLD 2″ x 15′ Tape Roll

uxcell® Single End Mold Heating Element Cartridge Heater 110V 350W 10mm x 120mm  $10.25

ProTapes Pro 950 Polyimide Film Tape, 7500V Dielectric Strength, 36 yds Length x 1″ Width (Pack of 1)

$32.12  DEI 050501 2′ x 21″ Floor and Tunnel Shield – 3.5 sq. ft

I puchased a second 12×12 aluminum plate and created the SSR mount and back panel that follows.

5PCS 24-380V 25A SSR-25 DA Solid State Relay $16.99 delivered (so I have two extra)

120VAC to 5vcd power supply $10-$70 dollars ebay/aliexpress.  ( I bought mine for $10 delivered)

I used a Nickel Plated Nibbling Tool (1) and some jeweler’s files with a light 220 grit sanding in one direction for the brushed look.

Panel mount mini connector for K thermocouple $6.48 Plus shipping. The connector is a kit (Mini Connector + Panel Jack Mount).  What a deal!!!

Follow the build guide at and watch out for those sharp edges!!!!